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Top Double Date Ideas In South Florida

Whether married or courting, double dating can be quite fun, adventurous and even romantic. When the atmosphere is just right and your focus is off of impressing your date, you often find yourself creating the best memories of your life.
(Source: Blue Martini)

New World Symphony WALLCAST Experience

500 17th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-3330

A free-for-all event, taking place on a regular basis, New World Symphony invites guests from South Florida to join in a live webcast concert experience. Bring a blanket, picnic basket and even your beverage of choice and enjoy a live audio/visual event on a 7,000-square-foot project wall. Live from the middle of SoundScape Park, guests are welcomed with open arms and the sound of classical music. For some intimacy and entertainment, double-daters can engage in open conversation without the pressure of outstaying their welcome. This is the perfect date night for the more sophisticated crowd.

(Source: Playwright Irish Pub)

Jungle Queen Riverboats

801 Seabreeze Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 462-5596

Depending on the type of cruise your party decides to take, you could be sightseeing a tropical island or watching a comedy show together. A totally enjoyable night could turn into a romantic getaway on these short day trip departures. A double date group can enjoy the adventure, engage in conversation and feel the ocean breeze. Live music plays from aboard, and delicious food is prepared and served with class. Jungle Queen Riverboats is definitely worth checking into for a couples night out.

(Source: Blue Martini)

Paints n' Cocktails

10029 Cleary Blvd.
Plantation, FL 33324
(954) 514-7383

Bring your own drinks and have a blast. Whether your co-daters are artistic or not, this activity calls for a night of fun and excitement. Guests are given the opportunity to take a class or just let loose and express themselves. For those couples that want to be explorative and creative, this is a great date night activity that double daters repeat. And, worst case scenario, if the date doesn't go so well, atleast you will have a great art piece and a story to tell!

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717 E. Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
(954) 951-2829

Imagine being trapped in a room and scared out of your wits as you try to find your way out of the room. You and your party must find clues and codes around the room that will unlock the doors to your escape. Challenge and strategy meet romance and action, bringing pure adventure to your date night. QQuest provides the great opportunity to reveal a person's true colors almost immediately, allowing you to get to know your date and your friends better.

(Source: Van Dyke Cafe)

Lion Country Safari

2003 Lion Country Safari Road
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
(561) 793-1084

"Florida's only drive-through safari and walk-through amusement park" has over 900 different animals, encouraging one-on-one encounters and bonding. While most animals are not in a confined space, there are only a few areas in the park where guests can pet the animals and feed them directly. Just think of how fun this adventure will be when you make it a double date! Try out Lion Country Safari for a double date and enjoy the company, both animal and human.

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