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Top 5 Things To Do On A Cruise

(Courtesy: MSC Cruises)

What's a cruise if you can't brag and tell your friends about the incredible things you did while sailing? At very minimum, you may want to lighten your "Must Do List" by doing some incredible things that you had the courage to step out and do. Here are the top five things that make cruising a must-do experience especially on the largest privately owned cruise line in the world – MSC Cruises!

  1. An Exotic Spa Indulgence

While the cruise itself will tantalize your senses, a spa excursion will soothe your body and mind. There's nothing like the perfect touch to relax and unwind while enjoying a vacation at sea. MSC Cruises offers the incredible MSC Aurea Spa which is the only Balinese spa at sea that utilizes trained hands and exotic flora to create unforgettable experiences with treatments from hot stone and deep tissue massages, aromatherapy and acupressure. There's even a Thermal Experience for the taking. Unwinding is essential for the whole family. Men can even enjoy body and anti-aging treatments, facials and mani- and pedicure. Teenagers need not feel left out. There are special treatments for them available, too.

  1. Shore Excursions Galore

Have you dreamed of riding a horse of your choice along the beaches of Cayman Islands? What about touring some of the world's most vibrant cities? Then at least one, if not many, of the 2,000 expertly-designed excursions that MSC Cruises offers has got to be for you. Just imagine 126 tour professionals who can help design once-in-a-lifetime experiences for you and your family to 190 destinations in 73 countries worldwide. At this rate, there may not be any to-dos left on your bucket list. MSC Divina, one of the newest ships in the MSC Cruises fleet,  is actually sailing the Caribbean this summer at incredible rates!

  1. Wellness and Fitness Escape

If your usual routine includes taking care and facilitating everyone else's agenda, with very little time for your own, taking a cruise can turn that around. Not only can you stroll the decks and participate in activities solo, you can also pay attention to your own health and wellness. If you've never had an assessment by a personal trainer, qualified instructors and trainers are available to help you evaluate your current level of fitness on an MSC cruise. There's even an entire cruise experience designed for guests who want to stay fit or get fit during their cruise vacation or who just want to meet new people while sharing their passion for a healthy lifestyle on board and ashore. A state-of-the-art sports center is available to help begin, maintain or enhance your fitness level with strength and conditioning equipment, along with yoga and other wellness classes.

  1. Spoil yourself with VIP Treatment

Behind the velvet rope of exceptional exclusivity lies an alluring appeal of luxury. There's no need to deprive yourself of this discerning pleasure while cruising. MSC Cruises offers the MSC Yacht Club for guests who enjoy finely appointed, luxurious suites, exquisite cuisine, personal service along with a private lounge and private pool deck areas. Twenty-four hour butler service is available to attend to every need. A dedicated restaurant is available to deliver an incomparable culinary experience only for MSC Yacht Club guests. A private elevator delivers MSC Yacht Club members to unforgettable experiences at the MSC Aurea Spa. Additionally, shopping can be done your way. MSC Yacht Club guests can  schedule after hours shopping onboard or host private jewelry showings, accompanied by your butler, upon request. At ports of call, MSC Yacht Club members can tailor their own excursions to taste or partake in the expertly pre-arranged excursions available to all guests.

  1. Great Food & Lots of Fun

At home you may be calorie-conscious and limited in your culinary ability to prepare certain meals. However, when cruising, the sky is the limit. Relax your inhibitions aboard MSC Cruises and try fine food in formal dining settings to buffet-style dining with unlimited options. Culinary gurus, also known as highly trained chefs, work nearly around-the-clock to satisfy your taste buds, and expose you to culinary adventures from all over the globe.

No need to just satisfy your appetite, take your fun meter up a notch by watching the Broadway and Las Vegas style shows available on MSC Cruises' ships. Groove to live music and dance the night away at clubs available on board MSC Cruises. Spend some time winning at the MSC casino where gaming favorites include Blackjack, Roulette and more.

To find out more about MSC Cruises and the amazing cruise deals in July and August, please visit the MSC Cruises website or call 1-(844) 220-9878.

Above content provided by MSC Cruises.

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