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Thieves Targeting Tires & Rims At Metrorail Stations

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Have the wheels been stolen from your car at a Metrorail station? Well, you apparently would not be alone.

For the thousands commuting every day, the Metrorail is a great convenience. Healthcare accountant Juan Bisbal is a Metrorail regular.

"Nothing at all convenient about this?" Gary Nelson asks him.

"No, nothing at all," he responds.

He's talking about his Honda up on blocks at the Dadeland Metrorail parking garage Monday – all four tires and rims stolen.

Bisbal said since that happened to him, he's heard of other victims.

It's the talk of the train station lately.

"On my travels to and from work I have heard other individuals speak of the tires being taken from their vehicles," said commuter Flloyd Johnson.

The garages have security cameras. Surely they captured Bisbal's car and others being put on bricks, the rims and tires ripped off.

"According to the security at the station, they told the police officer that most of the security cameras do not work," said Bisbal.

Indeed, a Facebook page for Kendall residents is full of horror stories from Metrorail parking garages.

One rider whose car was stolen posted, "They said the same thing about the cameras not working."

Bisbal said the security guard indicated "they've known for years that the cameras don't work and they haven't addressed the issue."

A spokesman for Miami-Dade Transit said the cameras are routinely inspected, but couldn't say if they were working at the time this car was vandalized, citing an on-going investigation.

The thieves are targeting cars with high-end fancy wheels.

If you have them, you might want to invest in some theft-proof lug nuts.

They're a bit pricey, but much less expensive than a whole new set of rims and tires.


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