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Teen Heart Surgery Patient Heads Home In Time For Prom

MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami area teen who underwent heart surgery at Miami Children's Hospital is going home just in time to attend her 8th grade prom.

Thursday was a big day for Yolette Caprice who has already picked out her dress and knows how she's going to wearing her hair on the night of the big dance. After thanking her doctors and nurses, she left hospital for home.

"I'm just like any other kid, it's just because of my heart that's stopping me from doing most stuff," said Caprice.

Her doctors say Caprice's story of strength and survival is nothing short of a miracle.

"Yolette was born with one of the most lethal and rare congenital heart defects, she was actually born with two of them," said Dr. Redmond Burke, the hospital's Chief of Cardiac Surgery.

Since infancy, Caprice has undergone three open heart procedures to repair the defects. After the last surgery, her doctors were hopeful that it would change her life forever.

"She is just a great looking, healthy child," said Burke. "Her recovery has been remarkable, you know she has a smile on her face every day."

Leaving the hospital, Caprice said she was excited going to her prom.

"I actually thought I wasn't going to go at first, but I knew I was going to go but after a while I wasn't going to be able to anyway," said Caprice.

Next year Caprice said she hopes to play in the band, become a drum majorette and do so much more.


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