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Surfside commission votes 3-2 to allow Pride flag to fly

Pride flag to fly in Surfside
Pride flag to fly in Surfside 02:09

MIAMI - The Pride Flag will fly next year in the town of Surfside during Pride Month, after commissioners voted in favor of the move after a contentious debate.

The motion passed on a vote of 3 to 2.

People CBS4 spoke with told us they felt this was the right move, moving forward for the city. 

Gerardo Vildostegui, who attended the meeting said, "I think people don't realize what the pride flag means to the LGBTQ community and why it really needs to be a flag." 

"That's an important symbol. It wasn't just a matter of my flag vs your flag. This is the way the gay pride month is recognized and celebrated by cities everywhere. The flag is part of it because the flag means pride and I think that message got lost until today."

The move to fly the pride flag was the culmination of heated debate in the community.

You might recall there was a rally outside of Surfside's Town Hall.

Mayor Shlomo Danzinger said if city leaders decided to fly the flag, it would open Pandora's Box.

He said hate groups and satanic groups could request their flag to be flown.

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