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Miami Man Accused Of Keeping Hundreds Of Animals Under 'Horrible Conditions' Appears In Court

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A man accused of keeping more than 200 farm animals on his property in cruel conditions, appeared before a judge Wednesday.

Police said Dvir Dehry kept hundreds of farm animals in horrible conditions on a Redland property on Southwest 182nd Avenue.

Dehry is facing more than 60 counts of animal cruelty and animal abandonment charges after police found hundreds of farm animals living in horrible conditions on the Redland property.

Police were first called to the five-acre home in late December, 2018 for a dispute between Dehry and a tenant, Earl Miller.

Miller is identified as the animal caretaker at the time and lived on the property; according to court documents and Dehry is the owner of the property and owner of all of the animals.

When questioned, Dehry told authorities, "He would not pay for veterinary care when he could purchase a new animal for less money." He claims the vet would just tell him to put the animal down and "he felt it was better to leave the animal untreated."

Miller told authorities he was allowed to live on the property in a trailer in exchange for feeding the animals but when he advised Dehry about the need for medical care for the animals, no medical care was provided.

Dehry was taken into custody Tuesday and charged with 20 Counts of Animal Cruelty, 42 Counts of Abandonment of Animals without Food and Shelter among other charges.

Bond was set at $420,000.

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