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"Rock the Vote" Takes Over Mizner Park Ahead Of Final Debate

MIAMI (CBS4) - The rock band Neon Trees is a headliner, but on Monday night, the group of four musicians served as the opening act to the third and final Presidential debate

The band played a free concert at Mizner Park in Boca Raton as part of Rock the Vote, an organization focused on educating young voters.

For the band known for singing lyrics like "it started with a whisper", election day is about making sure everyone's vote is heard loud and clear.

But Neon Trees hopes your voice is heard loud and clear on election day!

"A lot of kids these days feel it doesn't matter, because where they live they're a blue state or a red state, that their vote doesn't matter. But it does. We want people to realize that," explained Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell.

That's why the band joined forces with "Rock the Vote" to perform the free concert on debate night.

"I think I just want to them to talk about stuff that I really can believe their words," band guitarist Chris Allen said.

Lead singer Tyler Glenn hoped the candidates talked about young people, despite it being a foreign policy debate.

"I'd love for them to focus on bullying, anti-bullying, and mention that at least so a lot of the youth that kind of feel outcast maybe don't feel like their opinion matters," Glenn said. "They can pay attention to that."

Event organizers say the group's diverse opinions on politics made them a great fit for Rock the Vote.

"We use the artists and the musicians as a way to speak to young people," said Rock the Vote President Heather Smith. "Not tell them what to do, but in fact give them the tools and the information to make up their own mind."

Rock the Vote's volunteer base is 40,000-strong.

The goal was to register 1.5 million people before the November election.

Now the focus is making sure everyone they registered shows up at the polls.

"I think one of the reasons why we're doing this is because Rock the Vote is politically neutral," Neon Trees drummer Elaine Bradley said. "It's not about rock your Democratic vote. Rock your Republican vote. It's about rock your personal opinion. Your vote."

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