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Republican voter registration edge nears 600,000 in Florida

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TALLAHASSEE -- The Republican Party of Florida continued in August to widen its voter-registration edge over the Florida Democratic Party. 

As of Aug. 31, the state had 5,206,774 registered Republicans and 4,617,844 registered Democrats, according to data posted Tuesday on the state Division of Elections website. 

That 588,930-voter edge compared to a 568,051-voter lead at the end of July. As of Aug. 31, the state had 3,785,907 voters registered without affiliation and 297,405 registered with third parties. 

Democrats historically held a registration edge in the state, but Republicans overtook them in 2021 and have steadily expanded the lead. Republicans hold all statewide offices, a majority in Florida's congressional delegation and supermajorities in the Florida House and Senate. 

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