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Protesters demand closure of Orlando amusement park ride after Tyre Sampson's death

ORLANDO – Protesters are calling for an Orlando amusement park ride to be torn down after a teen's death in March.

"Do the right thing, shut the ride down," said Tina Wilson, founder of the Juneteenth Project Coalition.

Wilson was among those who protested outside of ICON Park on Monday.

Wilson says this isn't the first demonstration she's led, and it won't be the last as long as the Orlando freefall ride stands.

Her organization is calling out the ICON Park CEO, ASKING HE BREAK THE LEASE WITH SLINGSHOT GROUP.

She says someone needs to be held accountable after the tragedy in March, when 14-year-old Tyre Sampson plunged to his death from company's ride.

"I was numb, because I'm a parent. I'm a grandparent," said Wilson.

Tina and James Wilson, co-founder of the coalition, say when they learned what happened it blew them away.

"I know I cried, I cried I was sad," he said.

James Wilson says it's imperative they take the ride down.

"So that it doesn't happen again period point blank," he said.

Harmonie McQuade couldn't keep her composure when she heard how Sampson died.

"I was at school crying really sad about it," said the 11-year-old, who joined the protest determined to help the group get justice for Sampson.

Tina Wilson says the group started a petition on to get the ride torn down, and so far it has about 5,000 signatures.

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