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Experimental Antibody Cocktail Undergoing Clinical Trials At UM Given To President Trump As Part Of COVID Treatment

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – President Donald Trump, who remains at Walter Reed Hospital, was given an experimental antibody cocktail that's undergoing clinical trials at the University of Miami.

Dr. Sean Conley, the president's physician, released a memo stating the president was on day three of fighting COVID.

Dr. Conley said Mr. Trump had received remdesivir and Regeneron's experimental antibody cocktail on Friday.

"Remdesivir works a little bit differently than the antibodies. We are maximizing all aspects of his care attacking this virus," said Dr. Conley.

Dr. Gary Kleiner, a lead physician and researcher at the University of Miami, said the antibody was given to the president in efforts to make the COVID symptoms less severe.

"This is used to hope to prevent the spread of the virus. He was not involved in the trial but in theory because of the high risks of his age and obesity potentially it will offer some benefits," said Dr. Kleiner.

At the University of Miami, Dr. Kleiner said they are experimenting with the same antibody for prevention.

They are currently in Phase 3 of the trial.

"The data so far has been quite strong in terms of decreasing the virus and decreasing symptoms at least in the treatment arm. In the prevention arm, it just started recently. We don't have enough data on that," said Dr. Kleiner.

However, they have found Regeneron's antibody cocktail has slowed down the mutation of the virus.

"The beauty of this theory, if it is successful, is that there are groups of patients that either have a low immune system or had cancer. This offers them some hope of protection against COVID-19," said Dr. Kleiner.

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