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Pompeo Meets With N. Korea's Kim Yong Chol To Talk Summit Plans

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NEW YORK (CBSNews) – The U.S. and North Korea continue talks aimed at resurrecting a June 12th summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and North Korean chairman Kim Yong Chol sat down for what they call a full day of meetings to see if a summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un is possible.

The U.S. and North Korean delegations got to know each other better Wednesday night over a filet mignon dinner.

Pompeo previously told CBS' "Face the Nation" that North Korea could enjoy the benefits of American "know-how" and agricultural products should they fulfill their promises of complete and total denuclearization.

After the dinner, Pompeo called Trump to brief him on the progress.

"We're doing very well with North Korea," Trump said. "Our Secretary of State has had very good meetings.  He's meeting again today."

While high-level talks continue in New York, there's more work being done in North Korea and Singapore where delegations are working out the logistics of the summit.

"It's all a process so we'll see," Trump said. "Hopefully we'll have a meeting on June 12. That's going on very well I want it to be meaningful. Doesn't mean it gets all done at one meeting maybe you have to have a second or third."

Trump also revealed that Kim Yong Chol and the Korean delegation will be leaving New York and coming to Washington D.C.

"A letter is going to be delivered to me from Kim Jong Un," Trump said. "So I look forward to seeing what's in the letter but it's very important to them so they'll probably be coming down to Washington on Friday."

Kim Jong Un met with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and complained about the U.S. wanting to dominate North Korea.

Lavrov offered support for the ongoing talks and called for an easing of U.S. and UN sanctions before North Korea begins de-nuclearizing the peninsula.

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