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Shooter 'Is By Your Room': 911 Operator Tells Parkland Teacher

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CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) -- Chilling new 911 calls were released Wednesday from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. Coral Springs Police Department released the calls made to 911 from students and staff inside the school.

One of the most chilling came from inside the freshman building where self-confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire on February 14th.

A teacher, in room 1216, trying to keep her students safe, called 911 telling them two of her students were shot. The operator goes on to tell her the gunman was in her hallway.

"I know it's scary but just to try to get them all to stay quiet 'cause yeah I know he's still in the building okay," said the operator.

The teacher responds, "I have another student hit."

The operator tries to keep the teacher on the line.

"I don't want you to disconnect with me okay," said the operator. "Just keep the open line and if you hear anything just let me know."

Moments later, she tells the teacher, "He's by your room okay. He's by your room. Just everyone, be quiet....he's close by your room. Everyone quiet, no movement."

Minutes go by and the teacher says, "We're starting to hear shouting in the hall."

After 16 minutes on the call, it ends after the teacher tell the operator someone is coming in.

"Who's coming in, the police or the shooter," asks the operator.

The teacher did not respond and the call ends moments later. Of the the staff killed, there were no female teachers.

In the same building, a student cries over the phone asking 911 to help her and her classmates.

"Please, please, please," one caller whispers to dispatch while crying. "There's people here. They all believe they're going to die." The girl describes where she is. "We're in the freshman building....there's holes in the wall," said the young caller.

Moments later, she talks about the shooter, "He's upstairs now. He's upstairs."

"Did you see him," asks the emergency operator.

"No," she responds.

"There's a kid. I think he's dead. I think he's dead," said the caller while crying.

"I know honey, I am sending help on the way to you," responded the operator.

It's just one of the calls that sheds light into the terrifying moments as students and staff took cover - some of them - 17 - not making it out alive that day.

"There's blood dripping ... oh, my god," said another caller.

In another call, a panicked caller said, "A lot of blood! Please help, please!"

Right before hanging up, her voice lowers to whisper, "Please, it's real. It's real. Please help. Please help."

"They were shooting into my classroom," said another student, who was on the first floor, in room 1214, when she called.

"You still hear gunshots," asks the operator moments later.

"Yes," said the student. "It sounds like it's coming from upstairs."

When describing what she saw, she said, 'There's someone in the class with blood on their face."

The student goes on to tell the operator that the gunman shot their window in and, 'if he wanted to, he could open the door.'

Many of the callers reported Cruz was shooting in Building 12.

Coral Springs Police had already released other 911 calls last week. The Broward Sheriff's Office also released their own batch of calls.

This as the agency has come under criticism over its response during the shooting and whether they missed warning signs when it came Cruz.

Coral Springs officers were the first to go into Building 12, about 11 minutes after shots rang out, according to the timeline released by BSO.

As for the confessed gunman, Cruz faces 17 charges of 1st-degree premeditated murder and 17 charges of attempted murder.

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