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Parkland Friends Hope Their Bracelets Will Help Others Be #MSDStrong

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PARKLAND (CBSMiami) -- They're students by day and craft makers by the hour, making turning small pieces of polyester into personal gifts.

"We're trying to take something negative and turn it into something positive and give back to the community," said Stacey Gringauz with 3 Heart Strings.

"We're three girls and there are events we support that pull on your heartstrings," said Sofia Rothernberg with 3 Heart Strings.

Hanna, Sofia, and Stacey along with their three moms, created 3 Heart Strings back in 2015, making personalized bracelets with small block letters.

But out of all the charities they've done work for, their most recent project has been the most personal.

"This is for my friend who passed away in the shooting, for Jamie Guttenberg," said Rothernberg.

"You can wear them and see what the bracelet is and question it and open up a question of how to prevent it again," said Mindy Guttentag, Hanna's Mom.

The unique fabric that's selling fast is the Marjory Stoneman Douglas logo for the girls' lacrosse team.

The three moms and their girls usually do all of the work themselves but this weekend, they needed to call in reinforcements.

"We called everyone we knew and we asked them to please come and help us at this particular clubhouse int his particular community and we got 70 people and no matter what we tased them to do, put stamps on envelopes, write address labels go to the post office, bead bracelets…everyone use sat there and worked as hard as they could and it was amazing," said  Mindy Guttentag.

At one point during the interview, Hanna had to stop and take a look at her phone that was blowing up with orders.

"We just got an order one second ago for 600 dollars," said Hanna Guttentag with 3 Heart Strings.

Never did the girls think their 3-year old business would help them cope with a personal tragedy they face daily.

"It's going to go away from the media like people are gonna stop talking about it but if everyone has a bracelet or something on their car, that is gonna keep people thinking about it and hopefully it'll create greater awareness about it," said Hanna.

Their bumper stickers along with the bracelets are $5 each and all the money is going to victims' families.


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