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"O, Miami" Brings Poetry To The People

MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) – April is National Poetry Month and organizers of one unique Miami festival are recognizing it in their own way.

The second "O, Miami" festival, which kicked off Monday, is a mix of traditional poetry readings with public art projects..

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"The mission of 'O, Miami' is to deliver a poem to every person in Miami from April 1st through April 30th," said O, Miami director Scott Cunningham.

The poetry readings will happen all over the proverbial town featuring local poets from across South Florida.

Organizers of the festival hope people will also be inspired to come up with their own poem. To throw in a challenge, it must either begin with or end with "That's so Miami."

At Palacios de los Jugos on Monday 10-year old Goldie came up with a haiku on the spot.

"Art is everywhere, music is constant, that's so Miami," said Goldie as she read her poem.

7-year-old Izzy, wrote about the food in Miami.

"Yummy Miami. Enjoy, Enjoy, that's so Miami," said Izzy.

Poet Jessie Aufiery was inspired by the soggy parts of the day.

"Lake of rain in the parking lot, cars covered with drops, umbrellas thrown up like birds, that's so Miami," wrote Jessie.

"O, Miami" is all about being creative.

"The festival is about taking poetry out of its corner and bringing it out to everyone. Trying to awaken the passion people have about poetry that they've either forgotten or don't pay attention to," said Scott.

"It's amazing. It's what Miami needs. I think any city would be lucky to have it," said Aufiery.

You can post any of your poems on twitter at #thatssomiami. There are more than 30 "O, Miami" events, for more information go to


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