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North Miami Pumpkin Prank Has Become A Local Legend

NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) - An ongoing Halloween pumpkin prank in North Miami has become a local legend in the city.

CBS4's Lauren Pastrana caught up with North Miami Library Director Lucia Gonzalez and former Youth Services Librarian Bill Painter to find out what it's all about. And in keeping with the theme, Lauren filed her story in verse.

Another Halloween is upon us, get ready for candy, costumes and more.
"We're here today to talk about a wonderful story. A mystery. A real piece of urban lore."

Each year on Halloween night a pumpkin appears.
Perched atop the North Miami Library for the past 50 years!

"It was four bored teenagers looking for something to do."
And they've been doing it since 1969, once the trick or treating is through.

They call themselves Coxey's Army. So, who are these people?
"They climbed to the top of the library and placed a carved jack-o-lantern on the steeple."

Over the years, the steeple got taller, the climb is now 50 feet high.
"You can see how tall it really is. You wouldn't want to try it. And neither would I."

Coxey's Army is all grown up with grandkids, children, and wives.
"They got into the habit of leaving us a poem about what was going on in their lives."

But who they really are remains a mystery, perhaps one that lasts forever.
"Just like this tradition and this folklore has brought this group of people together."

So what about surveillance? You'd think there has to be clues!
That would ruin the fun, so forget it! Enjoy this story on the news.

(Quotes directly from North Miami Library Director Lucia Gonzalez and former Youth Services Librarian Bill Painter.)


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