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New building in Surfside could put garbage pickup, loading dock next to memorial

Controversial project at site of Surfside condo collaps gets approval
Controversial project at site of Surfside condo collaps gets approval 02:55

MIAMI - A luxury condo project at the site where the Champlain Towers South collapsed is causing outrage among some relatives of the 98 victims of the tragedy of June 2021. 

The adjacent 88th Street, which is parallel to the luxury project, would be an access point for garbage pickup and a loading dock for the new condo building.  

The Planning and Zoning Board voted in favor of sending the proposal by Dubai-based developer DAMAC International to the commission for recommendations, a step forward before becoming a reality.

"The plan met legal sufficiency,"  said Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzigner. 

"Some relatives of victims feel like they were promised that the street was going to be closed off.  Understandably that's upsetting to a lot of family members who felt and were told that the entirety of the street on 88th street," said Danzigner. 

"Complete and horrific disrespect to all the families and the moment that we live," said Martin Langesfeld, who lost his sister and brother-in-law when the Champlain Towers South collapsed in 2021. 

For him having a memorial for the victims is more than necessary. "Eighty-eighth Street was previously assigned by the last commission of Surfside. That was there when the collapse occurred," said Langesfeld.

"Unfortunately, that wasn't for the commissioner to promise. It's not our street, we don't have the right to give that out or block it off without the county's or FDOT inputs," responded Danzigner. 

Mayor Danzigner shared with CBS News Miami, Article 2 of the resolution number 2022-2853 which says:

"The closure of any portion of 88th street to vehicular traffic is subject to the maintenance of emergency or governmental vehicular access and any access required to reach property north and south of the street end." 

Langesfeld's immediate response was, "a trash is not an emergency vehicle and about the access point through Collins Avenue, the building next door, 87 park, one street down hast their trash and delivery and all their loading on Collins Avenue," said Langesfeld Jr.

Nevertheless, Mayor Danzinger says that under recent guidelines the new condo building and any new constructions are not allowed to pick up and load on Collins Avenue as a safety measure. 

On September 27th, the commission and mayor will discuss and revise the decision by the Planning and Zoning Board of the Town of Surfside.  

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