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Neighbors 4 Neighbors Looking To Help Special Needs Family With Home Improvement

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Home improvement shows are all the rage but one South Florida family needs a new kitchen built to accommodate to their special needs.

With the help of Neighbors 4 Neighbors, they're hoping to make it a reality.

It takes a lot of work for Lissette Ference, 51, to do every day chores in the kitchen.

"If I wanted to get close to the stove, I would have to climb up," said Lissette."I can't reach the knobs on the stove."

She solves that problem with a stick kept by the stove.

"My dad made this and I touch it and turn it," said Lissette.

She has achondroplasia, a condition that causes dwarfism. Her 16-year old son Zachary and 13-year old daughter Alana have the same condition and face the same challenges in a kitchen that simply wasn't made for people their height.

"We can't cook here. It's too high. We really can only use the microwave," said Zachary.

"We are doing stools and climbing up on stairs but that has really taken a toll," said Lissette.

Dealing with their condition means all three family members have had to undergo surgery.

While they have medical insurance, their out of pocket expenses are high leaving little money to modify the kitchen. To do that the family is turning to Neighbors 4 Neighbors and crisis housing solutions based in Davie.

Lissette, a single mom, has raised her kids to be as independent as possible but now she needs help.

"The world out there is not adaptable to us so we have to adapt to the world but now it's become a risk and safety issue," said Lissette. "If there is anyone out there who could help with the cost it would be greatly appreciated."

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