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N4N: Children's Play Teaches Tolerance

MIAMI (CBS4) -- A group of young South Florida actors have taken to a South Miami stage to send a special message about encouraging kids to be kind. The  young talent is sharing the story of an island full of children and one misunderstood monster.

"The message for me is the concept of it's difficult for people in this world to be understood; and that's the whole concept of the troll, he's misunderstood, he has a lot of love to give but he's not able to give it," explained local playwright and musician, Jim Camacho, to CBS4's Nicole Maristany.

Camacho wrote the story and music for The Cavie Islanders and the Troll with the hopes of an important message reaching both the actors and the audience.

"The kids are all getting it from their perspective, bullying and understanding people and not judging people, and that's great," said Camacho.

The kids are getting it, many of them were as excited to share their thoughts on the play's message as they were to bring it to life on the stage.

"We can teach them to not be racist or judge people by their colors, or what they do, or their religion," said 11 year-old, Benjamin Rosenthal, and one of Rosenthal's fellow cast members, 10 year-old, Giulia Medina. She explained her take on the play's message, "To not judge a book by its cover."

Camacho and his crew of actors wanted to share the play with the entire community and teamed up with Neighbors 4 Neighbors for a special performance for His House Children's Home – an agency helping children in foster care.

"Kids sitting in the audience and getting to see other kids inspire them to want to be on the stage or do whatever it is in the arts that they want to do," said Camacho.

A portion of the Saturday evening ticket sales will benefit the Neighbors 4 Neighbors Family Fund.

"Neighbors 4 Neighbors, since Hurricane Andrew when it started it's been so important, good for us good for the whole community. And so when we thought about where we could reach out to it was like a no brainer, we're happy to do it, happy to be involved," said Camacho.

For show information, times, tickets or to purchase the original musical soundtrack, visit or call Neighbors 4 Neighbors at 305-597-4404.


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