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Mother, Forensics Expert Take Stand In Accused Cop Killer's Case

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The trial for an accused cop killer continued Thursday, with the officer's mother taking the stand.

"I felt God made peace with my son. He was a good son."

Lucy Patrick cried on the stand while talking about her son Carl, who was shot to death by Tiniko Thompson.

Thompson claimed it was in self-defense after the two argued about a pregnancy she faked. Carl's mom said Thompson also told her she was pregnant.

"She sat down and said to me, 'Ms. Patrick come and feel this, come feel this the baby is jumping.' And I went and I touch her stomach and I said I don't feel nothing," Patrick said.

Patrick said she told her son not to allow Thompson to move into his home, that he should marry her first.

"After she have the baby, you take her to the church, let them bless the baby and then you marry her.  That was my words to my son. I don't think I said wrong to him. I think I told him the right thing," she said.

She broke down after that.

"When did you tell him that?" she was asked.

"Just before she did what she done to my son. I can't believe this, I can't believe this," Patrick responded.

A forensic expert took the stand earlier, showing graphic pictures of Carl's body. Thompson watched, showing no emotion.

She testified that Carl was on the ground in full police uniform when he was shot in the arm, and that he could have survived.

"Is it a wound that is survivable if medical attention is received quickly for it?" forensic pathologist Rebecca MacDougall was asked in court.

"If you tourniquet it and you don't lose a lot of blood, I believe it is a survivable wound, yes," she replied.

Prosecutors said Thompson kept him from getting help so her web of deception would not be exposed.

PROSECUTOR: "Can you get up and walk around?"

MACDOUGALL: "He can get up and walk around."

PROSECUTOR: "He could walk to a bathroom and get help, a towel, anything to put pressure on his wound?"

MACDOUGALL: "Correct."

PROSECUTOR: "Unless something or someone prevented him from doing so?"

MACDOUGALL: "He could have gotten up."

If convicted, Thompson could face life in prison.


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