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More Protests In Chicago Over Deadly Police Shooting

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CHICAGO (CBSMiami) - There was a second day of protests in Chicago after a fatal police shooting.

On Sunday, police released a video of events leading up to the shooting of 37-year-old Harith Augustus outside a store on Saturday.

Video from an officer's body cam shows him pointing at Augustus' waist. As Augustus backs away, other officers try to grab his arms.

Augustus can be seen resisting the officers. As he backs into a police car, his shirt flew up exposing a gun. The footage released by the police zooms in on the weapon.

Police Chief Fred Waller said what happened next explains why he was shot and killed.

"As he became combative, flying away, he broke free from the officers and he appeared to be reaching for a weapon," said Waller.

Police say they recovered a handgun and two magazines at the scene.

Augustus's death sparked violent protests on Saturday and more demonstrations on Sunday even after the 30-second video was released.

The Chicago police department has been under fierce scrutiny over its policing in black and Latino communities. This marks the third time in the last two weeks that a Chicago police officer shot someone.

Residents described Augustus as a father who worked in a local barber shop and was a friend to many.

Chicago police say they are still reviewing footage from other police officer body cameras that might have captured the shooting and the incident is still very much under investigation.

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