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Miramar Police Officer Refused Service At Local Gas Station

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MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – A Miramar police officer says he was refused service at a Sunoco service station and convenience store.

"And here you are just trying to do your job, you effort an arrest. You go inside the store and the clerk won't serve you," said Jeff Marano with the Miramar PD.

This from the Miramar police officer, who described the clerk as a black male:  "[he] walked up to me and asked why we had arrested 'his boy.' The individual stated he would not ring me up and stated, 'you know why.' I proceeded to ask him again to ring me up and the individual again refused."

"Apparently there is some kind of relationship, the way I understand it, between the clerk and the person that was arrested, because he called him, 'his boy,'" said Marano.

All this went down Sunday, the same day three Baton Rouge police officers were ambushed and killed and with the death of five Dallas police officers July 7th fresh on the nation's mind.

"I was not here yesterday and I do not want to talk to anyone," said a clerk at the store Monday evening. "[The owners] will be here a little later."

Marano wrote "I asked the individual why he was refusing to ring up a police officer trying to buy a drink, to which he stated, 'Because I don't have to, that's why.'"

"Basically tells you he is not going to serve you in front of other customers while you are standing there in a police uniform," said Marano.

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