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Miami Native Flaunts Curves For The Camera

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A make-up artist turned model from Miami, Denise Bidot is making waves with her curves. She's a plus-size beauty posing for magazines all over the world and now she's a TV star.

When Denise Bidot walks into a room you know she's there, you can't miss this gorgeous plus-size model. She's 5-9 and a size 12.

Denise models for brands like Macy's, Nordstrom and Lane Bryant

She's also used to cameras following her around as Denise is part of NuvoTV's show "Curvy Girls" which puts the spotlight on full-figured beauties.

"Curvy girls is actually like a "Sex and the City" for Latina women. And we're all plus-size models who are all strong opinionated not apologetic women," Bidot said.

The show is set in New York but Denise is a native Miamian with Puerto Rican roots.

At the age of 18, she moved from Miami to LA to pursue a career in make-up.

"I started doing make up it was about two months in to my long lived make-up career that I was discovered by a photographer I was working with," Bidot said, adding, "It was really one of those Hollywood stories, right place at the right time."

Now she poses for the pages putting her plus size curves in full view.

"Not everyone is meant to be a size 2, this is the body I was given. I don't overeat or indulge. I run after a five-year-old all the time. So no matter what I do, my curves are going to always be there," Bidot said.

That five year old is her daughter, Jocelyn.

"I am a mom and when I go home I'm stripped down of the make-up and all the glamour and I get to just be me," Bidot said.

Denise travels the world, but always comes home to Miami where she originally gained her confidence.

"The women in Miami are different from the women in LA. Here the curves are beautiful and they show them off and they are proud of them and they are confident."

Her goal now is for her curves to inspire the same confidence in other women.

"Girls are beautiful no matter what, there's always something beautiful and sometimes the imperfections are the most beautiful thing of us and it's time to stop changing who we are and be happy."


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