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Miami Garage Mahal: More Than A Place To Park

Spring cleaning encompasses home improvement in a few areas of your house, including your car's home. The garage, where you keep all of your old furniture, children's toys and that '80s Miami freestyle CD collection is surely taking up the valuable space where you could actually park your car. Getting your Miami car garage organized, into say, a man cave, can be an invaluable addition to your home. Having the extra space to keep your manly possessions can keep others out of your business, allowing you to be alone in your private space. But what does it really take to get this man cave renovated and how do you do it yourself? Take into consideration a few easy steps to getting your man cave ready, including getting organized, buying your décor and deciding on what "toys" you want in your sanctuary.

1. Get Organized
Organize what you already have in the garage into different piles. What do you want to keep and what can you toss? Renovating involves assessing the space with which you are working. With Miami's humid weather, some things might have already been ruined in there. When you decide to start home improvement tasks, you have to consider what the weather will be like before and after your work is done. Take advantage of your inspiration to get things cleared away. With a new man cave, you will want to make sure that what you are keeping is in decent condition and won't take away from the cool factor of your new haven.

2. Store 
Buy containers to store what you actually want to keep in the garage, but might not necessarily go with your man cave décor. Several stores in Miami offer options for buying containers that are weatherproof – something crucial to keep in mind with Miami's unpredictable weather. Once you get your containers, make sure to label them. Many containers now actually include a label section for the box where you can clearly identify its contents.

3. Renovate
After getting your containers ready, you might want to consider installing some shelving for those things you want to keep handy. Renovations include not only the practical use of a space, but the look and feel of the area as well. Depending on the style you want to go for and what you are storing, you have several options including plastic, metal and wood shelving.

4. Decorate
Once you have storage set up, decorating the room to your liking will be the next big step. The more you get off the floor and onto the walls or into storage bins, the more comfortable you will be when you bring in your widescreen television, pool table or huge video game console to christen the cave.

Below are some local businesses that may be able to help you get started.

A & K Electronics
12040 SW 132 Cour
Miami, FL 33186
(305) 279-7510

Budget Hardware
1644 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 379-5444 

Vogler Equipment Co Inc
16500 NW 7th Ave.
Miami, FL 33169
(305) 653-6000

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