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Miami Beach Restaurant, Streets Flooded After Heavy Afternoon Rain

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – A persistent storm caused flooding in parts of Miami Beach on Thursday.

For some businesses, it left a real mess behind.

Hours after rain stopped, streets were still flooded on Revo Alto Drive, about a three minute drive from the Standard Hotel.

Storm drains could be seen stuffed full of leaves, making it difficult for necessary draining in the area that's highly prone to flooding.

Fortunately for homes in the area, the flood water only reached the sidewalks.

It was a different story at Miami Beach's Sardinia restaurant. The water went past many people's ankles.

The restaurant is a level down from the actual street so you can imagine the obstacles they go through every year with South Florida rainstorms.

Tony Gallo, the owner of Sardinia restaurant, says each time it rains, they don't know what to expect. They just try and prepare the best they can.

"Every time it rains we panic because we don't know what to expect," said Gallo. "We had a good run last summer and had no issues, and now we are back to the issues."

The city took action on the problem in 20-15, installing 80 flood pumps and raising roads and sea walls across the city.

But by the time those pumps turned on Thursday, Gallo said the damage was already done.

"I think they have to work little bit closer and see what's the problem and solve it," he said.

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