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Miami Beach Parking Lot Confusion Draws Ire From Motorists

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) - Motorists are crying foul over a parking lot on a busy stretch in South Beach they claim is confusing.

Andrew Mirmelli, the owner of a private parking lot on Lenox and 17th in Miami Beach says he's working hard to keep customers happy and wanting to park there after a rash of complaints about people being towed.

"Complaints have actually gone done since I added more signs," he said.

The lot, across 17th Street from a Miami Beach Public lot, is often mistaken for a city lot.  Some people who park there are fine with dealing with an expired meter ticket if they forget to pay.

But, that's not the case on this private lot.  The signs are clear.  You will be towed.

Area Resident Rachel Mestre has been blogging about the problems at the lot. She says she's gotten many complaints.  She said she believes the lot's owner has some sort of deal or part ownership with Tremont Towing.

"Not true," said lot owners Andrew Mirmelli.

he City of Miami Beach says it is aware of complaints about people being towed from the lot, but Spokeswoman Nanette Rodriguez told us by phone there's nothing the city can do because "it's private property."

"When you follow the directions, and leave the ticket on your dash, you won't have any problems here, said Mirmelli.  "I want happy customers, not angry patrons."

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