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Local Dash For Cash Continues In South Florida

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Locals are dashing for cash hidden throughout South Florida and on Thursday afternoon, the chosen spot was Brickell.

The "free money" phenomenon that started in California spread to the area.

A local couple hides the cash in certain parts then posts a clue on their @HiddenCashSFL twitter so other locals can find it and pay it forward.

On Thursday, June 5th  a hint was posted for locals to look  in the Miami neighborhood of Brickell.

Anthea Thomas was $80 richer after she found the hidden cash next to a fire department hose connection on a wall of the restaurant Toscana Divino.

"That's pretty good. That's weekend money so we're good. I think I may give back some of it like a charity or something," said Thomas.

The new location was just a few of the places chosen by those hiding the free crash.

On the same day the group tweeted out, "Walking @BaptistHealthSF will make you healthy & a bit more wealthy."

Two friends found the cash and posted a picture of the $ 50 prize on twitter, stating  " Thank you so much @HiddenCashSFL !!!! We found your wonderul surprise at @BaptistHealthSF #PayItForward"

"We saw the tweet and said let's go to the hospital and we were running around here and we found it.  I can't believe it," said Christine Grosso who found the cash. "I just think it's really generous that people who you don't know are doing this for other people that they don't know. Just a pay it forward notion that I think is fantastic."

By Wednesday night, three people had already found the loot at various locations.

Chantelle Morales, 26, spent her new-found $50 fortune on lunch with her sister, thanks to the generosity of strangers.

Morales followed a clue, posted Tuesday on the twitter account.

"The picture was exactly this, the Miami-Dade College Sharks and that little hut. So I knew it was a baseball field," Morales said. "I spotted it hanging on that sign right there."

Morales found an envelope wrapped in a plastic bag taped to a sign with the cash tucked inside.

She posted a "selfie" with her discovery, and immediately set out to spend the money at a local business.

"It was really nice when I tweeted today about what I did with it that they tweeted me back, that's exactly what it's about."

The husband and wife behind the South Florida cash drops want to remain anonymous, but say they hope winners pay it forward.

"It feels great. We feel very blessed that we're able to do something like this here in our backyard. It's a wonderful feeling. It's great that the people who find these envelops are so enthusiastic about it," the anonymous benefactor said.

Dozens of others across the country have lucked out in places like Texas, Arizona and New Orleans in similar scavenger hunts.

The hidden cash craze started in California, but South Floridians are glad it's spread to the opposite coast.

"It think it's a good idea. I know that's been happening all over the country with people paying it forward," Eric Henderson said.

Morales hopes future winners will spread the wealth like she did.

"It just happened to fall into the right hands. Literally," Morales said.

HiddenCashSFL is being begged to expand including one post which asked them to go to the Bahamas. With that the organizers replied, "Ya Mon."

Organizers are planning daily cash drops anywhere from Monroe to Palm Beach Counties.

On Thursday, they posted a tweet saying they are headed to Broward County next week.

They say as long as they have cash to give, they will share the wealth.

They are working with local businesses to provide other prizes as well.

To see the clues that could lead you to free money, visit

Click here to see Gary Nelson's report.






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