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Local Lockerbie Widow Reacts To Libyan Leader Defecting To U.K.

CORAL GABLES (CBS4) - Victoria Cummock's husband, John, was killed when Pam Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland 22 years ago.

U.S. officials have always believed Libya's Moammar Qaddafi ordered the bombing. But now the former minister of foreign affairs who has defected to the U.K., Moussa Koussa, may hold all the answers about the act of terror.

"He was the one who coordinated those efforts, so he's got an awful lot to say," said Cummock, who lives in Coral Gables.

Koussa was Qaddafi's right-hand man for years. But on Wednesday, he defected to the U.K. and resigned from his Libyan government post.

Cummock is not alone in calling Koussa the mastermind behind the 1988 bombing.

"Moussa Koussa was personally responsible for the actual organization of it," said Vince Cannistraro, a former CIA official who also told CBS News that Koussa knows all of Qaddafi's secrets. "He knows where, basically, all of the bodies are buried."

British officials are questioning Koussa. His answers could allow prosecutors to prove Qaddafi ordered the bombing of Pan Am 103.

But Cummock says she also wants Koussa tried in the U.S. because 189 Americans died in the bombing.

"Either that or we're sending a very strong message to those who want to use terrorism against America, that [if you] give us enough time, and give us enough money, we're willing to forgive and forget," said Cummock.


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