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Loaded handgun found in bag belonging to Miami Beach candidate Michael Grieco

Loaded handgun found in bag belonging to Miami Beach candidate Michael Grieco
Loaded handgun found in bag belonging to Miami Beach candidate Michael Grieco 02:44

MIAMI BEACH - Miami Beach Police tell CBS News Miami that they have launched an internal affairs investigation after a stolen bag belonging to mayoral candidate Michael Grieco was found and turned in with a loaded handgun inside it.

(CBS News Miami)

Police are not saying why they have started the investigation but they are releasing body cam video showing what was discovered inside the bag and the good Samaritan who turned the bag in at police headquarters after she says she found it on a bench by a dog park at South Pointe Park on August 13th.

The story is prompting some controversy. Grieco, an attorney and former city commissioner and state representative, says he initially reported that the bag had been stolen and was also on his way to police headquarters to file an official report.

Grieco released a statement saying that some individuals are trying to "politicize" this situation.

The body cam video shows the good Samaritan turning in the bag inside police headquarters. She says "Thank you. I did my good deed today."

A man at the police desk in the front lobby says, "Yes, you did what was 20 good deeds."

Police also released body cam video that shows an officer going through the contents of the bag. He pulled out a loaded Glock 43 handgun, removed the magazine and cleared the chamber.

A police report says he retrieves a wallet with identification and credit cards and pepper spray and 59 dollars. He carefully counts the cash.

In a statement, Grieco said, "My bag was stolen and within less than an hour found safely at the police department. In that hour period, I reported it to the command staff assigned to the park where it was stolen and was en route to the police station to file an official report when I received a call that the bag and its contents were mostly accounted for. What's truly frustrating here is not that I was a victim of a crime, but that individuals would politicize this in a way that puts my family in harm's way. It's outrageous and wrong and warrants a swift investigation."

Grieco also said, "There is a pending internal affairs investigation as to the release of my personal information pursuant to Marcy's Law and Chapter 119 and to ensure the integrity of that investigation I'm refraining from further comment at this time."

CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench reached out to Michael Grieco and the good Samaritan who found the bag but did not hear back from them.

And because of the ongoing investigation, a spokesman said police would not be commenting on camera.

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