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Thomas: DeVante Parker 'Runs Super Routes'


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The Miami Dolphins got their guy in DeVante Parker in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft last night, and who better to tell his story than his position coach at Louisville, Lamar Thomas, also a former Hurricane (1989-1992) and Dolphin (1996-2000).

"Once he catches it he just takes off," Thomas said on the Joe Rose Show on WQAM. "The thing I like about him is his catch radius. You throw it in his area, he makes those catches. You see his eyes go to the ball. Eyes to the ball all the time. That's something that I try to preach every day to a lot of receivers... Well this guy, I don't have to say that. He's a basketball player that turned to football so he knows how to adjust his body to the ball. He knows how to go up and get it. He makes a lot of tough catches."

Thomas says the No. 14 pick runs "terrific routes" as well.

"As far as his in-cuts, once he puts that foot in the ground there's no hesitation," he said. "He doesn't take long to come out of the break. He makes it a lot easier on the quarterback... He just runs super routes.

Best of Louisville's DeVante Parker vs Boston College by ACC Digital Network on YouTube

"I expect DeVante -- number nine -- to do great things down there. Someone asked me, they said 'hey, if we draft DeVante Parker in the first round and in five years he's not successful give me your reasons why'. I said 'then you've done an awful job of developing the quarterback.' That's how much I think of the kid."

Parker joins a transformed receiving corps in Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings, and Rishard Matthews.

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