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Jack The Cat Is Back After Disappearing From JFK

MIAMI (CBS4)- There's a happy ending for the tale of a cat who has been missing for two months, and a South Florida woman played a big part in spreading the word through social media of his disappearance.

Jack the cat was found by workers at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, the location where he disappeared. He was found in the customs room Tuesday by a team of American Airline employees who took him to a local veterinarian to get checked out.

The airline said in a statement that "the vet has advised that Jack is doing well at present."

On the facebook page 'Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK' an updated was posted stating that, "They report he looks tired but bright-eyed and dirty. He's in kitty ICU on fluids."

Owner Karen Pascoe was immediately informed that her pet was found and the airline will fly Jack to California to be reunited with his family.

Jack was en route to California when he escaped from his crate on August 25th.

The news set off a kitty amber alert and a facebook campaign, led by a South Florida woman, to bring back Jack. Mary Beth Melchior led the effort to find Jack, which took off thanks to social media.

Jack the cat has gained a following on facebook and Twitter since he got out of his American Airlines carrier in the baggage area.

With his orange hair and amber eyes, Jack had more social media savvy than most of us, at least it looked that way on social media networks.

With social media, Jack's story began spreading all over the Web with Melchior's creation of the feline's facebook page.

The cat belongs to her best friend Pascoe, who was moving from New York to California.

Melchior said Pascoe checked in with American Airlines and handed over her two cats in their carriers during her cross country move on August 25, ahead of Hurricane Irene.

"An hour later she got a call and was told jack had gotten out of his crate and they couldn't find him," Melchior said.

When she heard what happened, Melchior said she turned to social media for help.

She posted messages on a number of animal rescue groups who might be able to help search for Jack.  It wasn't long before people saw her posts and started posting about Jack.

Melchior said, "This started to blow up on facebook people started to post to the American Airlines facebook page and then they began posting and posting and posting."

That's when Melchior decided to create her page, which now has over 16,000 fans.

"These are people who don't know us they don't know jack who don't know anyone but they clearly feel the pain Karen is in," she said.

Jack's owner also started a Twitter page – posting from Jack's point of view.

All the posts got American Airlines' attention.

The airline posted apologies and search updates on its facebook page. In a statement, American Airlines expressed its sincere regrets about the incident.  The airline said employees have set out food for Jack, put out humane traps and posters around the airport.

Click here to view AA's post.

They've also offered Jack's owner a free flight back to New York so she can search for Jack herself.

Jack is reportedly doing well, and will be reunited by his owner.

Take a look at Jack's facebook and Twitter pages by clicking on the link.


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