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'It's Like Horror': Mother Makes Harrowing Journey From Ukraine To Miami With 9-Month-Old Baby

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A kiss and a rainbow stuffed unicorn – the small things so big, especially now.

"It's like horror. I never imagine I have five minutes I must take all my cases and run, run from Kyiv," said Victoria Hurtova, who left Kyiv with her 9-month old baby.

Victoria, with her adorable baby Anna attached to her, is finally safe in Miami.

A joy only someone's own mother and grandmother could fully understand.

"It's really biggest joy that can happen," said Tania Adolf, Victoria's mother.

Victoria's uncle is thrilled too.

"This is incredible, this is incredible," said Alex Adomovych.

But, over the last few turbulent, war-torn days in Ukraine, no one was sure how Victoria and baby Anna's story would end, much of it captured on her iPhone.

"Nobody don't help us, only speak, nobody don't help," said Victoria.

"In our destroyed country, it's really, really very heavy to relive that moment," said Tania.

The moment her home in Kyiv was bombed and destroyed, she and her husband Dennis deciding to leave with his 9-year-old twins, Matthew and Mark, and baby Anna.

"It's really scary. We didn't sleep this whole four days," Victoria said.

Four days of hell and uncertainty, with the family split up at the Polish border. Her husband and stepsons turned away because the boys' mother didn't want them gone.

"I take my daughter and my case and I go on foot," said Victoria.

The line of cars leaving Ukraine just too long. Victoria was forced to walk more than 10 miles to freedom in freezing temps, with just her baby and roller in tow.

Her grandma was searching for answers the entire time.

"Speaking with them, speaking with mother, brother, our relatives," she said.

Until getting word Victoria made it from Kyiv to Poland then the Czech Republic and finally Munich to Miami. It was a long, strange trip they never thought they'd need to make until just a few days ago.

"I very tired. Four days I with my baby," Victoria said. "Uncle, I was walking and I was crying louder than my baby!"

Despite the uncertainty still surrounding her husband and his twins, that Ukrainian optimism shining bright through some very dark days

"I hope that all will be good," Victoria said. "God save Ukraine, God save democracy."

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