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Homeless Numbers Increase in Broward

There are more than 3,800 homeless people living in Broward County, according to a survey of the homeless completed in January.

That is an 18% increase from the last count in 2009.

Of those 3,800, the majority live in homeless shelters in the county. However, more than 1,250 people are actively living on the streets. That number has risen from 800 in 2009.

Experts say the recession and housing bubble are to blame.

"People are having a harder time finding employment or the employment they do find does not pay wages enabling them to afford housing. Additionally, even though the homeless count has increased, homeless shelter and services, as well as Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment programs are also facing cuts at the local and State level," Branch Willey, Chair of the Homeless Initiative Partnership (HIP) Advisory Board, said in a statement.


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