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Guantánamo Judge Allows Lawyers To Take Photos of Scars of Alleged 9/11 "Mastermind"

GUANTANAMO,CUBA (CBSMiami) --A military judge has ordered the prison at Guantánamo Bay to allow attorneys to take pictures of the scars of the accused Sept.11 mastermind, who was allegedly water boarded.

The pictures are meant preserve evidence in his death-penalty case.

According to our news partners The Miami Herald, defense lawyers  consider the pictures proof that the CIA tortured Khalid Sheik Mohammed while he was in secret custody for years along with his co-defendant Walid bin Attash.

While the attorneys may now have permission, Army Col. James Pohl made it clear the images may never reach the public eye. While he did not rule the pictures would be classified, he invoked a war-court protective order. The order would prevent the release of non-secret material if "disclosure is detrimental to the public interest."

Defense attorneys argue that the pictures should be made public  at their death-penalty tribunal in order to show what the CIA did with the alleged conspirators.

Mohammed and another four defendants in his case are being held at a secret prison at the U.S. Navy base in Guantánamo since the CIA program under the George W. Bush administration is still classified, according to the Miami Herald.

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