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In the aftermath of "The Great Resignation," workers had to reinvent themselves to survive

"The Great Resignation": Workers reinvented themselves to survive
"The Great Resignation": Workers reinvented themselves to survive 02:45

Miami - Last year, almost 48 million workers quit their jobs and employers could not find worker replacements... but where did the workers go? 

Some, like Jennifer Arniella, basically reinvented themselves.

Standing in the middle of her bright and orderly shop, Jennifer told CBS4, "Yeah it is different than anything I did in the past in engineering." 

Jennifer was a technical design engineer, now she designs business logos and signs for businesses. 

She made the switch after finishing an MBA at FIU, having a baby and not being able to find a job that fit her needs. 

"So I started the Etsy Shop in 2020." Not only going online with the online Etsy Sales platform, but her own "Unique Crafts by Jenn" website with all types of cut laser personalized products. 

It was touch and go for a while. "There was a lot of uncertainty and in the beginning business is unstable. One month you sell good, the next month you don't know."

Jennifer's workspace looks like a miniature manufacturing plant, paint supplies, wood and there is even an improvised paint booth. 

The heart of the operation is the laser machine. "This is the core of the business. The biggest investment I bought during the pandemic." She made use of government support programs during the pandemic and advice and guidance from FIU'S Small Business Development Center. 

Jennifer fulfilled hundreds of online orders, but added, "I think marketing has been the toughest part just because as an engineer you are very technical, I was a design engineer." 

Jennifer mastered the marketing challenge, left the engineering field in a way. 

It's part of "The Great Resignation" and it is "working" for "Unique Crafts by Jenn."

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