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Good 4 You: Key Biscayne Group Spreading Cheer Overseas

MIAMI (CBS4) - A little cheer collected by a group on Key Biscayne, called the "Island Angels" made it into the hands and hearts of children in Afghanistan.

It all started with a desire to help, pay it forward and make a difference.

Some phenomenal videos on YouTube under the title of 'Operation Candy Strike' show the mission.

U.S. Troops bundle stuffed animals with candy and deliver the gift via chopper to children in Afghanistan.  In the video you can see the children flooding the streets to get their treat thrown from the American chopper pilots soaring above.  You can even hear them screaming with cheer.

The chopper pilot, Wes Pritchett who is stationed in Jalalabad is from Key Biscayne.  He put the video together.  When he's home he lives on Key Biscayne right down the street from Amy Zambrano the creator of Island Angels.

"I hope that shows what the Americans are there for," said Zambrano.

Three years ago, Amy started the group to pay it forward, a neighbors helping neighbors kind of group.

When she found out her West Point Grad neighbor was going overseas she had an idea.

"I'd love to put together a years worth of care packages to send to Wes," said Zambrano.

To get enough goods only took one day!

"Island Angels sent the candy and it was his idea to share it with the Afghan kids," remembered Zambrano.

What started as a kind thought spread worldwide cheer.

"I thought it was incredible," said Zambrano. "I thought; let's get them some more that's amazing."

Amy and her fellow Angels have helped about 200 different groups in three years and they are hoping the idea catches on.

Island Angel Paige Latterner said, "it would be amazing if someone took it in Pinecrest or Coral Gables

Zambrano said she know one thing, "the more people help, the more they like it."

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