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Student Arrested For Attempting Wrestling Move On Principal Faces New Charges After Wrestling Fake Gator

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The high school student arrested last week for trying to tackle his principal has been arrested again.

18-year-old Gianny Sosa-Hernandez is now accused of vandalizing property at a local mall.

According to police, Sosa-Hernandez was caught on cell phone video taking off his shirt and jumping over a wooden pedestrian banner at The Falls shopping mall. The video then shows him grab a display alligator and throw it into a shallow pond.

Sosa-Hernandez then pretends to wrestle the alligator, causing it further damage.

The video was later posted on social media platforms. You can watch the video below.


Police say the display alligator damaged by Sosa-Hernandez is valued at $3,690.

Last week Sosa-Hernandez was arrested for allegedly trying a wrestling move called an 'RKO' on his high school principal.

Police said the principal told them Sosa assaulted him in the second-floor hallway.

An 'RKO' or 'Randy Keith Orton,' named after the wrestler who came up with it, is a 'finishing move,' involving grabbing an opponent by the neck, jumping into the air and driving his head onto the mat in the fall.

Sosa was charged with battery on a school employee and interfering with an educational institution.

In court for that case, his attorney said, "He should have been placed in detention and not arrested."

The judge found probable cause for the charges and gave Hernandez-Sosa pre-trial services, meaning he does not have to post his bond of $750 in order to get out of jail.

It is not yet known what impact these new charges will have on his previous case.

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