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Forbes Ranks 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises

By Ryan Mayer CBS Local Sports

This year's edition of the 50 most valuable sports franchises has been released by Forbes and one thing is for sure; life is good if you're an owner of a sports franchise. The top valuation goes to the La Liga club Real Madrid valued at $3.26 billion while the lowest team(s) to make it were the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Mavericks, and Atlanta Braves tied for 50th valued at $1.15 billion.  

Unsurprisingly, the NFL is king of the USA's 4 major sports leagues placing 20 of its 32 teams in the Top 50. The MLB and NBA were next with 12 and 10 teams, respectively which is up from a total of 10 teams last year. The NHL landed one team in the Top 50 with the Toronto Maple Leafs checking in at number 37.  

The NFL sits atop all other leagues in terms of TV revenue with network deals worth $5 billion last year, not including the DirecTV deal worth $1.5 billion. The NBA will make up ground with their new TV deal with TNT and ESPN that will start in 2016. The full list of teams is below:

1) Real Madrid- $3.26 billion

2t) Dallas Cowboys- $3.2 billion

2t) New York Yankees- $3.2 billion 

4) FC Barcelona- $3.16 billion

5) Manchester United $3.1 billion

6t) Los Angeles Lakers- $2.6 billion

6t) New England Patriots- $2.6 billion

8) New York Knicks- $2.5 billion

9t) Los Angeles Dodgers- $2.4 billion

9t) Washington Redskins- $2.4 billion 

11) Bayern Munich- $2.35 billion

12t) Boston Red Sox- $2.1 billion

12t) New York Giants- $2.1 billion

14t) Chicago Bulls- $2 billion

14t) San Francisco Giants- $2 billion

16) Houston Texans- $1.85 billion

17t) Chicago Cubs- $1.8 billion

17t) New York Jets- $1.8 billion 

19) Philadelphia Eagles- $1.75 billion

20t) Boston Celtics- $1.7 billion

20t) Chicago Bears- $1.7 billion 

22t) Los Angeles Clippers- $1.6 billion

22t) San Francisco 49ers- $1.6 billion 

24) Baltimore Ravens- $1.5 billion

25) Brooklyn Nets- $1.5 billion

26) Denver Broncos- $1.45 billion

27t) Indianapolis Colts- $1.4 billion

27t) St. Louis Cardinals- $1.4 billion 

29t) Green Bay Packers- $1.38 billion

29t) Manchester City- $1.39 billion

31) Chelsea- $1.37 billion 

32t) Ferrari- $1.35 billion

32t) New York Mets- $1.35 billion 

32t) Pittsburgh Steelers- $1.35 billion 

35) Seattle Seahawks- $1.33 billion

36) Arsenal- $1.31 billion

37t) Golden State Warriors- $1.3 billion

37t) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim- $1.3 billion

37t) Miami Dolphins- $1.3 billion

37t) Toronto Maple Leafs- $1.3 billion

41) Washington Nationals- $1.28 billion

42t) Carolina Panthers- $1.25 billion

42t) Houston Rockets- $1.25 billion 

42t) Philadelphia Phillies- $1.25 billion

45) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- $1.23 billion

46) Texas Rangers- $1.22 billion

47) Miami Heat- $1.18 billion

48) Tennessee Titans- $1.16 billion

49) Atlanta Braves- $1.15 billion

49) Dallas Mavericks- $1.15 billion

49) Minnesota Vikings- $1.15 billion

 Ryan Mayer is an Associate Producer for CBS Local Sports. Ryan lives in NY but comes from Philly and life as a Philly sports fan has made him cynical. Anywhere sports are being discussed, that's where you'll find him. Agree/Disagree? Thoughts, comments, complaints? Email or tweet him. 


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