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Fmr. Davie Police Officer Sentenced To 10 Years For Sexual Molestation

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - A young woman sobbed on the witness stand, wrecked, after she was sexually molested by Steve Olenchak.

Olenchak is a former Davie police officer who was also the chaplain at the department and once studied to be a Catholic priest.

The victim is related to Olenchak's wife.  It happened when she was nineteen as Olenchak, his wife, his 4 year old son and the victim all watched television.

"You made me feel disgusting and nasty," she cried. "What you did to me, what you made me go through so many times instead of just going up here and saying what you did was wrong."

Olenchak showed no emotion during the emotional testimony, when victim urged the court to sentence him to the maximum of 15 years in prison.

But he did break down during his mom's testimony.

"He feels that the stress and sadness of the past four years has hurt my health,  I don't," testified his mom Elain.

She took the stand, pleading with the judge for mercy.

"Steve too can fight back from all of this," she said.  "I'm convinced that God is not done with him yet."

Before sentencing, Olenchak himself had the chance to address the court and plead for lenience

"I've been there to save people when they needed it," he sobbed to the judge. "I just need you to save me your honor, i just need for  you to give me a chance."

The judge sentenced him to 10 years in prison, followed by 2 years house arrest and three years probation.

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