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Florida Fraternal Order Of Police Demanding Increased Safety Measures After Shootings Of Officers

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Four police officers across the country were shot on Sunday.

An officer in San Antonio died, while an officer in Sanibel, Florida and two others in Missouri were wounded.

As a result of the shootings, the Florida Fraternal Order of Police says safety needs to be the top priority for law enforcement officers.

"It's seems to be that there's a trend of going after officers. We want to make sure they're safe when they're sitting around in their vehicles doing their reports and stuff," said Robert Jenkins, FOP President.

In light of the violence against police, Jenkins is asking for Florida police agencies to strongly consider using two person teams when responding to calls. He says money should not be a consideration at a time like this.

"Money shouldn't be the issue," Jenkins said. "Money shouldn't be a budge thing. It should be a safety thing. There's resources they can use until we can figure out what's going on in the world."

In San Antonio, Det. Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed while writing a ticket on Sunday.

Police said surveillance cameras captured the suspect walking into police headquarters prior to the shooting.

Authorities announced late Monday that the gunman had been caught.

The city's police chief said investigators believe they know why Marconi was targeted.

"I think the uniform was the target and the first person to happen along was the target," Police Chief William McManus said.

Officers nationwide are fearful of being the next target.

Jeff Bell is president of the Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy's Association, Local 6020. He explained that agency-wide two person teams are simply not feasible for BSO.

"Logistically and for budgetary reasons, it's almost impossible at the Broward Sheriff's Office to go to a full-man unit team for an extended period of time," Bell said.

Bell added that BSO has used some two person teams –  like after the deadly police shootings in Dallas earlier this year. He said he's not aware of plans to return to that but that could change.

"This is a fluid situation where day to day, hour by hour, certain circumstances will dictate certain responses by the Sheriff's Office and requests from the union on safety needs on that," Bell said.

Bell said he's instructing all law enforcement to make some good choices in the field like choosing safe locations for traffic stops, requesting backup on all traffic stops, using overhead lighting at night to a deputy's advantage and for deputies to take their time when stopping cars.


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