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Florida alligator dies after being used for "target practice," rescuers say

PASCO COUNTY -- A Florida alligator named Archer has died after being rescued from being used as a "target practice," according to a social media post by Chris Gillette, president of the animal sanctuary Bellowing Acres.

Christopher Gillette, Belowing Acres

X-rays posted on Gillette's Facebook show an arrow and bullets, that just barely missed the alligator's brain which eventually led to infection and swelling.

Chris Gillette, Belowing Acres
Chris Gillette, Belowing Acres

"She was also suffering from extreme lead toxicity, so extreme that Kim's machine couldn't even read the levels," wrote Gillette. 

Gillette was keeping Archer at Bellowing Acres, his alligator sanctuary, hoping for a full recovery.    

"Archer was not in pain and did not suffer and passed comfortably. It is not the outcome we wanted, but we did know that this was a very real possibility," wrote Gillette.

Bellowing Acres and Swamp Girl Adventures Reptile Rehabilitation, are taking donations in Archer's memory. 

Gillette wants to remind people that if they see or know of any shooting at gators, they are to report the incidents to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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