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Parents Want Action After 3rd Grader Brought Gun To School

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A man who left a gun in his son's backpack and sent him off to Kendale Elementary on Thursday was topic of conversation among parents dropping their kids off at the school Friday morning.

"That's a scary feeling. To think you send kids to school and you want them to be safe, to think that this could happen, it's really, really scary," said Jessica Colon.

The boy, a third grader, had the loaded gun in his backpack until his father realized what had happened and went to the school to retrieve it. Another parent saw the exchange and reported it to administrators.

Colon was emotional about what happened.

"It really does hurt because of the 3rd grade, my daughter's in 3rd grade it could have been worse," said Colon fighting back tears, "Parents shouldn't be putting guns in kids book bags."

Parents say they were notified by the school at around dinnertime about the incident. Police arrested the 8-year-old's father, 53-year-old Ramon Nuiry, when he showed up to pick his son up after school. Investigators say he admitted to putting his loaded 9MM Smith & Wesson into his son's backpack that morning.

Not everyone, however, was upset by what happened.

"I know this family and the family they are great, the kid, he is a good kid," said Julie Pardo.

Jayaira Lopez doesn't believe the school acted appropriately and should have told parents sooner. She didn't bring her kids to school Friday instead showing up to talk to the principal.

"I was so glad that the kid didn't take out the gun or did anything else with it. As a parent, I would have loved to know ahead of time so I could pick up my child," she said.

"You forget your homework, you forget your lunch, I can understand all those things but you can't forget to take a gun out of your son's book bag, something is really wrong," said Betty Esposito.

She wants Nuiry's son to be expelled.

"I understand that the boy's father put it there but there have to be consequences. The little boy is sitting in the classroom today and I personally don't feel that's correct, It could have been really tragic, you know, a lot of people could be planning a funeral, yes we were blessed, yes were lucky but we gotta stop this," she said.

Nuiry has been charged with 3 counts including possession of a firearm on school property. He bonded out of jail overnight Thursday.

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