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Family Wants Answers After 21-Year-Old Man Dies After Attending Ultra

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A grieving aunt and uncle say they want to know how their 21-year-old nephew died after attending the Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend.

"He was a very good kid. He was an excellent kid. We feel so bad. We feel so bad. We lost a great person," said Rosa Escoto.

"He doesn't drink and he never used drugs," Escoto told CBS4's Peter D'Oench.

Escoto's nephew, Adonis Pena Escoto, died after attending a festival that he loved to attend, according to his aunt.

"He was feeling bad and dizzy and his friends put him in the back of a car," she said. "But he never woke up."

Family members say Escoto's friends thought he had too much to drink and took him to a car to sober up.

"I have questions like did someone give him something to drink," said Rosa Escoto.

Adonis Escoto was an improv comedian who performed under the name Adonis Pena. His family members and friends posted his pictures on line after he died this weekend.

Escoto's uncle Luis broke down as he spoke about his nephew, saying "His friends put him in a car and some people wonder was it drugs or something like that. He never woke up. He never used drugs. Believe me. It's my family I know."

Escoto's aunt and uncle are also angry.

"This festival was no good," said Luis Escoto. "There are a lot of drugs. The city is only looking for money. This festival is all about money. The family wants the festival to disappear in Miami."

"I think this has to be the end for Ultra," said Rosa Escoto. "Many kids go there and there are a lot of drugs in the street."

Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa said he did not want to discuss this case because of the pending investigation but he made a reference to the dark side of such events.

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"In our society there is a history of drugs and concerts going back to when I was a kid," he said. "If you go to any concert, people take drugs. It hasn't changed. It won't change in the future. It's just a matter of  what music it is."

"There are people who want to get high and that is sad," he said. "History has not taught us the lessons yet."

Escoto's aunt and uncle hope an autopsy will provide some answers.

D'Oench also spoke with Escoto's father who said he was too upset right now to say anything.

Miami Police are looking for any witnesses who can help in their investigation of Escoto's death.

Anyone with information that can help should call them.

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