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Enjoy A Private Flight For A Cheaper Price

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For most people, flying can be a hassle, even if they fly first class.

Say goodbye to TSA lines, weather delays and bad snack food, just a few things that travelers go through to get from point A to point B in the sky.

A better alternative is to fly in a private jet. If you think that is beyond your means, it may not be. A new private jet company has a new goal to get more and more people to fly in style for a cheap price.

Flying private may sound completely not affordable but Jet Suite's CJ3's aircraft is a little less pressure on your wallet. The jet comes with six luxurious leather seats which fully recline and a stock bar that's all yours.

"And you're on your schedule so it's also half the trip time. If you're flying commercially, even in first class, you're in the same airplane, same TSA lines and same delays as everyone," said CEO of Jet Suite Alex Wilcox. "When you fly privately, you show up to the terminal and get out of the car. Five minutes later you are in the air."

A private flight is no drop in the fountain, Jet Suite does have a few deals.

"Jet Suite is on a mission to bring private travel to more people than ever," said Wilcox. "It's still very expensive but we're bringing the cost in half. If you buy a fractional model from one of our big name competitors your paying 7,000 bucks an hour. On us you're paying $3,500 an hour, so we cut the costs in half. We're going from top one percent to top two percent."

Jet Suite also has an amazing, affordable deal on Facebook designed for adventurous last minute travelers.

Unlike other private carriers, you don't have to enter into fractional ownership to fly on a Jet Suite CJ3.

"We also have something called suite deals, which is if you like Jetsuite on Facebook, we sell our empty legs every single night and you can get them for 500 bucks; the entire airplane," said Wilcox. "It's totally last minute, needle in haystack, but once in a while you can have it. And it's all yours for $500."

However, there is a catch.

"You don't where it will be until its posted and your flying the very next day but if you have the day off and some flexibility, that's the way to go," said Wilcox.

Up in the cockpit is the satellite weather system, which shows where the jet should travel to stay clear of storms.

"This airplane likes to cruise in 40 thousand feet range above most of weather. What this is showing is this weather is in 30s so we will go right over it, doesn't matter," said Captain Scott Moore.

So what's the best thing about flying private? Wilcox quotes Oprah for his answer.

"Oprah's actual favorite thing in the world is her private jet. It's one thing that separates people from those who cannot and Jet Suite's mission is bring it to more people than ever before," said Wilcox.

For more information click here to plan your next adventure.

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