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Cutting Waste at the Broward School Board?

The Broward Teacher's Union says they -- along with the finance committee at the Broward County School Board -- have identified $60 million in waste that can eliminated from the district's budget.

The cuts come from a myriad of places. Here are a few with savings in parentheses:

* Extending the school day by 10 minutes to eliminate 5 school days off the calendar. ($2.6 million)

* Eliminate assistant principal positions at elementary schools ($13 million)

*Adjusting the ratios of administrators to students ($11 million)

* Ending the cafeteria fringe benefit for employees ($8 million)

Other cuts include:

Freezing salaries of people making more than $100,000, cutting the funding for teacher conferences and closing an Area Administrative Office.

In a statement, Teachers Union President Pat Santeramo said, "Superintendent Jim Notter no longer has any excuses for cutting the budget while doing everything he can to protect his administrative cronies. It's time for district corruption to stop and that includes cutting funds for student programing while maintaining the district's obese bureaucratic structure. Our students and the employees who work most directly with them need to become a budget priority."

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