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Coyote Causing Trouble In Boca Raton Caught

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BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) – A coyote causing trouble in a Boca Raton neighborhood was finally caught on Sunday.

For days trappers have been trying to catch the coyote responsible for attacking dogs.

According to residents, the coyote had killed a Yorkie named Lola and seriously injured a Bichon Shih Tzu mix named Kiwi.

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Wildlife trapper Paul Zambrano set several traps in the area. Sunday morning, he called the president of a local homeowners' association, Bob Bernhardt.

"The trapper came through and he gives me a telephone call and says, 'Hey Bob, we got a raccoon, we got a possum and we got a coyote!'" said resident Bob Bernhardt.

Bernhardt called Kiwi's owner to let her know about the catch.

She said she has mixed feelings.

"A little relief and a little uneasiness because I don't know if it's like sick and it bit my dog, so I'm a little uneasy still," said Jill Putney.

The Zambrano said the coyote did appear thin and seemed unwell. He said Palm Beach Animal Care and Control euthanized it.

Putney is worried the coyote could have passed along an illness to her dog.

"I'm a real animal lover and of course it makes me sad for any animal to be put to sleep. In this case I have a family I have to worry about and I need to know if it's sick or not sick because I need to know what to do with my dog. Because if my dog is sick, with whatever it possibly has, my dog will need to be put to sleep," said Putney.

Currently little Kiwi is quarantined as she heals.

"My dog is improving everyday she's eating. She loves her meatballs and we keep feeding her and she's happy and we hope we get to keep her," said Putney. "We have to cohabit with all the wildlife but once they start to terrorize people, something has to be done."

Zambrano said the coyote had to be euthanized because it was sick and because it was a threat to public safety.


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