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Coronavirus Update: Heat's Udonis Haslem Rips Spring Breakers In Heartfelt Letter

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem is ripping spring breakers who crowded South Beach amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In a letter to the Players' Tribune, the 39-year-old Haslem says those people don't know the poor Miami in which he grew up.

"These kids fly down to places like South Beach for a couple of days to party, and they think that's Miami," Haslem stated. "But they've never seen the real Miami. They've never been to Liberty City. They've never seen the side of this city that's living check to check. The side of this city that's surviving meal to meal."

He says people living in that Miami stand to suffer even more during this coronavirus crisis.

"I don't know how I can get everyone to listen, but I say this from the bottom of my heart: The people growing up in the real Miami? They're as vulnerable during this crisis as anybody."

So Haslem says if you have a nice stable environment, quit griping about current social restrictions and help quell this outbreak by keeping yourself at home.

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