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Chris Bosh Shares What Miami Heat Have To Do Next Season After Being Bounced From NBA Playoffs

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Former Heat superstar and two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh has a new book.

In it, he talks candidly about his time with the Miami Heat and being part of the Big Three.

CBS4 Sports Anchor Jim Berry spoke one-on-one with Bosh about his next chapter.

One of the topics: What's next for the Miami Heat?

BERRY: Chris, look at this, man. I got a call here. Looks like, a hold, oh hey, Pat. Yeah, it's Pat Riley, Chris. He wants some advice from you on what to do next season. Pat, you want me to ask Chris what the Heat need. Chris, what do the Heat need?

BOSH: Last year was a tough year. I think it was a tough year for everybody. Even in the playoffs, you see everybody's out. Everybody's out, Everybody's hurt. Almost every superstar on every team is hurt, which is a part of the game. Of course, rebounding from the pandemic and the bubble. That obviously has taken its toll on the players. I think for the Heat they just have to get better. Of course Pat and Andy they are going to make some changes in the roster if they are needed. I think from the whole year it was a tough year all year. I think every player can look and be honest with themselves and say OK this is where I need to get better. This is where I need to improve my game. This is where we are going to play the game as a team together. They made the playoffs, not a strong showing like you would like. Sometimes that's the best motivation. Sometimes getting a kick in that rear end is what you need to propel you into that summer to get that work in to be ready for next year. I've taken plenty of lumps. You just have to take these lumps to use them as motivation and get better as a team. And hopefully, Victor comes back and they can run it back.


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