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Broward Drug Court Judge Busted On DUI Charge

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) -- A very unflattering picture of Judge Gisele Pollack--she's accused of driving drunk and getting into a crash at 56 and West Sunrise Blvd.

Investigators say she nearly fell over on the scene and couldn't touch her finger to her nose during a field sobriety test...instead her knuckle hit her check and lip.

CBS4 tried speaking to Judge Pollack at her home.

"We wanted to speak to you about what happened this morning?" CBS 4's Ted Scouten asked the person who spoke to him from behind the front door. "No. I have no comment," a female voice said.

This is not the first time the judge has dealt with the issue of drinking. According to courthouse Blogger Bill Gelin, this is nothing new.

"Unfortunately it's been an ongoing problem," said Gelin. "When the judge was a lawyer had a pretty well publicized bout with addition that she campaigned about. "

Even recently there have been issues. In December Pollack admitted she had a relapse. The Sun Sentinel recorded audio of her from the bench, where it sounded like she was slurring her words.

Ironically, Judge Pollack presides over drug rehab court for misdemeanor cases.

"She was great for years," said Gelin. "She's been around this courthouse for decades, everybody loves her, but the problem is it seem, as often is the case with this diseases is that it can come back with triggers."

This is not the first time we've seen a Broward Judge accused of drunk driving.

Judge Cynthia Imperato was stopped in Boca Raton on drug driving allegations. She was removed from her criminal court and placed in civil court. Now the question -- what happens next for Judge Pollack. "Really the question now is what to do about it," asked Gelin. "We're all hoping the chief judge takes a strong stand, finally, because he did put her back on the bench very quickly in january after the first incident."

"From what I understand you've been in rehab before?" Scouten said to the person who spoke from behind the door at Pollack's home. "Do you have plans on going back?" he asked. "No comment," was the response.

Broward's chief judge said Pollack will remain suspended from judicial duties until further notice. The Judicial Qualifications Commission is reviewing the case.


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