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Broward Education Foundation Helps College Dreams Come True

BROWARD COUNTY (CBS4) – May is the time when many high school seniors make plans to go to college. With federal financial aid limits and the rising cost of higher education, some seniors might not be able to afford a college education. But the Broward Education Foundation has been raising money from the private sector and offering scholarships to high school seniors who need financial assistance for the past 26 years.

These scholarships are aimed at students who have exhausted all avenues for financial aid.

"The Broward Education Foundation is critical to the kids because it bridges the gap for them when they can't get financial aid or if it's not enough money it gives them the opportunity to go to college," said Cheryl Fidlow, a guidance counselor at Stranahan High School.

Jewel Johnson's parents could not afford to pay for her college tuition. She credits the Broward Education Foundation for helping her go to college, and is now teaching at her alma mater.

"Without this program, she would not be the person she is today, and would not have been able to complete college," said Johnson.

The foundation has provided more than 3,700 scholarships over the years.

"These kids would not be able to afford to go to college without the scholarships or grants they receive," according to Chairman Joe Cabo.

The foundation hosts an annual fundraising gala to raise money for future scholarships on May 13th. If you want to attend, or want to make a donation, you can go to the foundation's website at

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