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"Boytox" Gaining Popularity Among Men

AVENTURA (CBS4) - It's not just for women anymore. Botox is also for men.  It's called "boytox".

The thought of aging backwards is turning men into cosmetic treatment converts.

Daniel Santamaria is one. "It's hard to let go of your 20's," he explained.

That's why on his 31st birthday, Daniel is giving himself Botox.

CBS4's Cynthia Demos asked him why. "You're only turning 31. That's not old."

"It feels old to me," Santamaria responded.

Daniel is part of a growing trend, as more and more men are getting on the Botox bandwagon. New reports show that 1 in 5 Botox patients are male.

The non-surgical cosmetic surgery market has seen steady growth in the past two years. Male use is up 26% . With the American male grooming market now worth $3.5 billion, men seem to be changing their attitude about issues that previously concerned  women.

According to Dr. Adam Gropper, an Interventional Radiologist in Aventura, "South Florida is probably leading the move in men getting Botox."

Dr. Gropper say it's not only part of the South Florida culture, it's also a result of the economy. "Men want to look their best and get the best jobs and appearance plays a part in that."

Botox patient, Daniel, said he's being prepped with injection dots and thinks it should be positive personally as well. "You know women like younger looking men so it's definitely gonna help out."

When it comes to women, they focus more on Botoxing their crow's-feet and forehead. For men, it's the forehead and between the brows.

Daniel's concern was his forehead.. but not anymore. "It was painless and quick. I felt like I was here 5 minutes, 10 minutes, if that."

A few minutes to turn back a few years... and go back to that baby skin we all remember

It will cost you $300 per area treated in order to turn back the years. You should also know that your new baby skin only lasts 3 to 5 months.

According to the latest cosmetic surgery statistics... 14% of Botox injections, 15% of all liposuction and eyelid surgeries, 20% of laser hair removal and 24% of nose jobs, are carried out on men.

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